About Me 

Elliott Allan Hilsinger, who is now 49 years old, has spent his entire life in business for himself. Aside from his work as an entrepreneur, Elliott Allan Hilsinger is involved in a wide range of other activities, such as providing business consulting, giving back to the community, and coaching athletics. These activities, however, are just a few of the many activities that Hilsinger pursues in addition to his work as an entrepreneur.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger is a passionate swimmer who also enjoys working with younger athletes and coaching them in various water sports. Before beginning his career as an entrepreneur, Elliott Allan Hilsinger received his education from the University of Cincinnati (UC). In 1995, he graduated from the Carl H. Lindner's College of Business at the University of California with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Marketing Specialization.

 Career History 

In 1995, Elliott Allan Hilsinger graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. After that, Hilsinger wasted no time in getting his business career started. After completing his education, he made the decision to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and promptly established a couple of new small businesses. Over the course of the subsequent few years, Hilsinger worked tirelessly to expand these businesses.

In order to continue building these businesses, Elliott Allan Hilsinger relied heavily on his entrepreneurial skills, the methodologies he had acquired throughout his education, and extensive market research. Soon enough, Hilsinger sold these small businesses and proceeded with his entrepreneurship endeavors in the same vein as before. After graduating from college, he spent the next ten years launching, growing, and eventually selling the various small businesses he had founded. This endeavor spanned the entire duration of the ten years.

Following that, Elliott Allan Hilsinger was a victim of identity theft in the year 2009. This experience had a significant impact on him, and it also made it abundantly clear to him that the security of personally identifiable information (PII) was not nearly as robust as he had initially believed it to be. As a consequence of this, Hilsinger came to the conclusion that he needed to address the issue, assist in preventing others from suffering the same fate as he had, and educate people about the significance of keeping personal information secure. This goal is the primary motivation behind Hilsinger's decision to begin working on the process of starting another company.

After that, Elliott Allan Hilsinger developed a business plan and carried out intensive research on the market in order to assess the condition of the identity theft protection industry. After finishing his analysis of the findings of this research, Hilsinger put together a group of highly knowledgeable individuals from the relevant industry. After that, in 2011, he established the company Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. His vision for Guard Well is to provide each and every household in the United States with protection against identity theft that is not only effective but also reasonably priced.

Since Guard Well's inception in 2011, Elliott Allan Hilsinger has maintained his position as CEO of the company. At this time, he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. Since June of 2012, Hilsinger has been in charge of this position.

Academic Background 

Elliott Allan Hilsinger was born and raised in the city of Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. After achieving academic success throughout high school and graduating in 1990, Hilsinger enrolled at the University of Cincinnati (UC) and began attending classes there in the late fall of the same year. Between the years 1990 and 1995, he spent a combined total of five years as a student at UC. In 1995, Hilsinger graduated from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of California with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a marketing specialization. During his time at UC, Hilsinger participated in a wide variety of campus life activities. One of these was joining Sigma Chi, an honor society, in order to follow in his father's footsteps. He has been a member of Sigma Chi for the rest of his life, and he and his family have been giving back to the fraternity in a variety of different ways on an annual basis for the past several decades.

The Accomplishments of Elliott Allan Hilsinger 

A little over ten years ago, Mr. Hilsinger launched his career as an entrepreneur for the first time. As was mentioned earlier, Elliott Allan Hilsinger began his career as an entrepreneur by founding and growing a number of distinct small businesses in his early years in the industry. Following the completion of those tasks, Hilsinger subsequently sold those businesses while continuing his work as an entrepreneur.

Both the Better Business Bureau and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce count Elliott Allan Hilsinger among their ranks of members. The establishment of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions is without a doubt one of the most significant milestones that Elliott Allan Hilsinger has reached in his life up to this point in time. Guard Well was established by Hilsinger in 2011, and he is currently serving as the company's chief executive officer. Guard Well is a national company that offers solutions for identity management and protection, primarily targeting the employee benefits market. Additionally, Guard Well has been honored with a great number of accolades. Elliott Allan Hilsinger is frequently cited as a subject matter expert both online and in publications, and he does so because he is dedicated to assisting businesses in protecting both their employees and their company bottom line from the negative effects of employee identity theft.

The contributions that Elliott Allan Hilsinger has made to charitable causes are numerous. He was the one who came up with the idea for the "Guard Well Gives Back" program. This program assists charitable and not-for-profit organizations in meeting their monetary donation objectives. In addition to that, Hilsinger was the one who initiated the "COPS Program." Covering Officer's Personal Security is what the acronym COPS stands for.

By participating in the COPS Program, any law enforcement officer who is stationed in the United States is eligible to receive a significant discount on a Guard Well membership. After that, Guard Well will contribute a portion of the cost of these memberships to a charitable organization that is focused on providing assistance to law enforcement. Elliott Allan Hilsinger is responsible for the creation of the VETS Program as well. This program, like the COPS program, offers significant membership discounts to members of the military who are either actively serving or have retired from the military. Guard Well will contribute a portion of the membership fee to a cause that is important to either military veterans or active duty service members.