About Me 

Elliott Allan Hilsinger, now 49 years old, has been self-employed his whole life. In addition to his job as an entrepreneur, he engages in various other activities, including business advising, community service, and coaching athletics. However, these are only a handful of the many activities he engages in outside of his profession as an entrepreneur.

Hilsinger is an enthusiastic swimmer who likes mentoring younger athletes in various water sports. Before commencing his career as an entrepreneur, he attended the University of Cincinnati (UC). The University of California's Carl H. Lindner's College of Business awarded him a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing Specialization in 1995.

Career Record

Allan Hilsinger earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business in 1995. He spent little time after that launching his business career. After completing his schooling, he decided to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and immediately founded two new modest enterprises. Throughout the subsequent years, he relentlessly pushed to build these firms.

Elliott Allan Hilsinger relied largely on his entrepreneurial abilities, the processes he had learned throughout his studies, and significant market research to continue expanding these enterprises. Eventually, he sold these little firms and continued his entrepreneurial efforts in the same manner as previously. After graduating from college, he spent the following decade founding, expanding, and selling several small enterprises he had established. This undertaking covered the full ten-year period.

In 2009, Hilsinger was subsequently a victim of identity theft. This incident made it evident that protecting personally identifiable information (PII) was not nearly as robust as he had imagined. As a result, he determined that he needed to address the issue, avoid others from experiencing the same misfortune as he had, and educate others on the need to keep personal information private. This objective is the driving force behind his choice to begin founding a second firm.

Allan Hilsinger then produced a business plan and conducted extensive market research to evaluate the situation of the identity theft prevention sector. After completing his examination of the outcomes of this investigation, he assembled a team of highly educated industry professionals. The next year, in 2011, he founded Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. His goal for Guard Well is to equip every family in the United States with effective and affordable identity theft protection.

Since Guard Well's founding in 2011, he has held the post of chief executive officer. He currently serves as the CEO of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions. He has been in charge of this role since June 2012.

Academic credentials

In Ohio, Elliott Allan Hilsinger was born and reared in Cincinnati. After attaining academic achievement throughout high school and graduating in 1990, he enrolled and began taking classes at the University of Cincinnati (UC) in the autumn of the same year. From 1990 through 1995, he was a UC student for five years. In 1995, he graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of California. During his tenure at UC, he was involved in many school activities. He joined Sigma Chi, an honor organization, to follow in his father's footsteps. His whole life has been spent as a member of Sigma Chi, and over the past many decades, he and his family have contributed to the fraternity in several ways each year.

The Achieved Results

Mr. Hilsinger began his entrepreneurial career for the first time a little over 10 years ago. As stated previously, he began his career as an entrepreneur by creating and expanding a variety of separate small firms throughout his early years in the field. After completing these responsibilities, he sold these enterprises while continuing his job as an entrepreneur.

The Better Business Bureau and the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce each have members in their respective organizations. Unquestionably, the founding of Guard Well Identity Theft Solutions is one of the most significant milestones he has attained in his life to date. He founded Guard Well in 2011 and presently serves as the company's chief executive officer. Guard Well is a national corporation that primarily targets the employee benefits industry with its identity management and protection products. In addition, Guard Well has received a large number of praises. Online and in print, he is widely acknowledged as a subject matter expert because he is committed to aiding businesses in safeguarding their employees and their bottom line from the harmful repercussions of employee identity theft.

Numerous contributions Elliott Allan Hilsinger has given to charity causes. The "Guard Well Gives He conceived back" concept. This initiative supports nonprofit and charity organizations in reaching their monetary donation goals. Moreover, he was the creator of the "COPS Program." Covering Officer's Personal Security is the meaning of the acronym COPS.

Any law enforcement officer stationed in the United States participating in the COPS Program is eligible for a substantial discount on a Guard Well membership. Guard Well will then donate a portion of the cost of these memberships to a law enforcement-focused charitable organization. Hilsinger is also responsible for the development of the VETS Program. Like the COPS program, this program provides significant membership discounts to active or retired military personnel. Guard Well will donate a portion of membership dues to a cause important to either military veterans or active-duty service members.